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Understanding MyData Operators
Langford, J., Poikola, A., Janssen, W., Lähteenoja, V. and Rikken, M. (Eds.) (2020). MyData Global.

The effect of age, environment and management on social contact patterns in sheep
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Transition Detection for Automatic Segmentation of Wrist-Worn Acceleration Data: A Comparison of New and Existing Methods
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Achieving Accelerometer Wrist and Orientation Invariance in Physical Activity Classification via Domain Adaption
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Classification of Everyday Living 1.0. OASIS Standard
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Wrist-worn accelerometry for runners: Objective quantification of training load
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Record Keeeping
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Data management and use: Governance in the 21st century
Royal Society and British Academy project and report (2017).

The Rise of The Attribute Economy 2.0
Katryna Dow, Nathan Kinch, Richard Gomer, Rob Laurence, Dr Rachel O’Connell, Joss Langford, Mark Lizar, James Harvey and Joerg Resch (2017).

Building Digital Identities: A Scoping Study
Dr Ana Beduschi, Dr Jonathan Cinnamon, Joss Langford and Dr Chunbo Luo (2017). Project and report supported by ESRC, University of Exeter and Coelition exploring the use of behavioural attributes in the provision of digital identities.

A practical approach to exploring different making and learning approaches: Science Technology Innovation (STI) and Doing Using Interaction (DUI)
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Assessing sedentary behavior with the GENEActiv: introducing the sedentary sphere
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Autocalibration of Accelerometer Data for Free-Living Physical Activity Assessment Using Local Gravity and Temperature: An Evaluation on Four Continents
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Press & speaking


29 April 20: Launch of  Understanding MyData Operators paper
Press release: MyData takes an important step towards open personal data ecosystems.


25-27 September 19:  MyData2019, Helsinki
Workshop and plenary presentation to help define the journey of interoperability for MyData Operators.

9-10 September 19: Transforming Privacy Law into Practice, Oxford
International workshop for software engineers, policy makers, lawyers, practitioners, technologists and independent data protection experts.

26-28 June 19: ICAMPAM, Maastricht
Presentation on ‘Determination of device orientation, wrist of wear and hand dominance using raw accelerometer data‘ as part of the International Society for the Measurement of Physical Behaviour (ISMBP) conference on Ambulatory Monitoring of Physical Activity and Movement (ICAMPAM).

25-26 April 19: IoT Tech Expo, London
Internet of Things exhibition and panel session with Coelition.

16 April 19: IMPACCT: mHealth, London
Presentation on interoperability and wearable devices for a dedicated forum for digital strategies in clinical studies and use of mobile technologies to transform the clinical research paradigm.

6-9 March 19: Society of Behavioral Medicine, Washington
Presentation on the use of event-based data schema for measuring everyday behaviours.

4-5 February 19: Royal Society, London
Big data for better science: technologies for measuring behaviour.


11-12 October 18: ISPAHack, Glasgow
Advanced data analysis workshop and data challenge.

29-31 August 18:  MyData2018, Helsinki
Developing the minimum interoperability requirements to make different personal data solutions work together in an ecosystem.

22 May 18: International Privacy Summit, London
Conference to educate industry elite to inform business decision makers, industry associations and executives on the real impacts of new privacy regulation and the latest in privacy standards innovation.

17-18 April 18: W3C Workshop on Privacy and Linked Data, Vienna
Workshop to start the develepment of Data Privacy Controls and Vocabularies DPVCG.

29 March 18: Living in the Internet of Things, London
Debating the roles of trust & privacy in IoT business models.

1 March 18: Reviews of Emily’s Numbers
Positive reviews from TheBookBag and Somerset Gazette.


10 November 17: LEP Annual Conference, Taunton
Presentation on ‘innovating with personal data’ to the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership conference with Tom Torkar (Michelmores).

31 August 17:  MyData2017, Helsinki
Part of the team ‘making consent work’ and speaking on the architecting of consent with open standards – see the video or download the presentation.

4 July 17: ECSS, Essen
Workshop on the analysis of wearables data for performance and lifestyle insight.

20-23 June 17: ICAMPAM, Washington
Conference address on achieving interoperability of devices and workshop on data privacy ‘From Ethics to Compliance and Trust’.

19 June 17: ID2020 United Nations, New York
Summit of the alliance aiming to provide digital identities for over 1 billion people.

6 April 17: Meaningful Consent in the Digital Economy (MCDE2017), Southampton
Building a Consentful Economy – the pathways and obstacles to the deployment of a consent-based digital ecosystem.

6 April 17: Techtalk show
Getting smart with med tech podcast.

25 March 17: Fujitsu Coelition Hackathon 2017, Swansea
Visualising life and protecting personal data. Bringing together data scientists, designers & developers to kick-start ideas and innovation (story).

7 March 17: Wearables2017, London
A Long View of Wearables. Human beings have worn bracelets and necklaces for over 100,000 years – imbuing them with deep meaning and cultural significance. What can this history tell us about their likely future role in society?

8 February 17: Digital Identities Workshop, Exeter
Workshop with University of Exeter and Coelition to identify the legal, social and technical implications of approaches to developing digital attributes that can be used to build digital identities.

16 January 17: Real consent & GDPR readiness, London
Event hosted by the Digital Catapult’s Personal Data & Trust Network.


16 December 16: European Commission PIMS workshop, London
Third meeting of the EC PIMS group.

 26 November 16: Ultrahack 2016, Helsinki
The biggest hackathon tournament in Europe with Consent Gateway as one of the winners.

27 October 16: Parliament & Internet Conference 2016, Westminster
The Parliament & Internet Conference brings together leading figures from Government, Parliament, academia and industry to discuss and debate the most pressing policy issues facing the Internet.

26 September 16: Consent Tech: Creating Sustainable Real Consent, London
Event hosted by the Digital Catapult’s Personal Data & Trust Network.

21 September 16: Digital Leaders, Honiton
Lecturing in a programme on the latest national and international strategic thinking on digital leadership to increase productivity in business.

1 September 16: Mydata Ultrahack, Helsinki
First round hackathon for Europe’s biggest hackathon tournament – won by Consent Gateway.

31 August 16: Mydata2016, Helsinki
Part of ‘notice & consent’ conference theme looking at the global intersection for privacy and personal data control.

8 June 16: Cloud Identity Summit, New Orleans
Presentation on building trust with open standards.

1-3 June 16: American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Boston
Conference exhibition focusing on the measurement of performance and lifestyle with wearables.

20 May 16: ID2020 United Nations, New York
Speaking at the UN in the inaugural summit of the alliance aiming to provide digital identities for over 1 billion people (story).

4-5 May 16: Elevate, London
Conference exhibition focusing on fitness & physical activity.

27-28 April 16: Wearable Devices & the 24-hour Activity Cycle, Stanford CA
Specialist workshop to discuss frameworks for developing daily activity recommendations.

15-16 March 16: Wearables2016, London
Conference and talk on the management of privacy when collecting data with wearables.

9-10 March 16: Internet of Things Forum, Cambridge
Meeting for IoT disruptive entrepreneurs, investors and corporates.


8 December 15: PIE2015 Growth Through Trust, London
Personal Information Economy Growth Though Trust conference.

27 November 15: European Commission PIMS workshop, Brussels
First meeting of the EC PIMS group.

18-19 November 15: Privacy by Design hackathon, London
A hackathon held by Signal Noise, in conjunction with Coelition, to encourage developers and designers to use behavioural data responsibly.

29 October 15: Parliament & Internet Conference 2015, Westminster
The Parliament & Internet Conference brings together leading figures from Government, Parliament, academia and industry to discuss and debate the most pressing policy issues facing the Internet.

17 October 15: RSA South West Annual Conference, Falmouth
Meeting of the South West Fellowship to discuss the brightest new ideas, innovative projects and social change.

24-25 September 15: Making Futures Conference, Plymouth
Making Futures is a research platform exploring contemporary craft and maker movements as ‘change agents’ in 21st century society.

1-3 September 15: ICDAM9, Brisbane
International conference devoted to improving methods and measures for both diet and physical activity.

2 July 15: ExIST, Exeter
Quarterly event – ‘Bringing Data to Life’ with Met Office and Black Swan.

10-12 June 15: ICAMPAM, Limerick
4th International Conference on Ambulatory Monitoring of Physical Activity and Movement.

15 May 15: Fab Futures: Public Libraries In The Digital Age
Sharing insights on building MakeSouthWest – a SW network of community-led maker spaces, educational establishments and industry partners.

6-9 May 15: European Congress on Obesity, Prague
A platform for scientific exchange, debate and dissemination between research and health professionals working in obesity.

30 April 15: Big Data & Wearables, Exeter Web
A 10 minute lightening talk for web developers, designers, web marketeers, technologists and engineers.

29 April 15: SW Digital Forum, Exeter
Wearables + Big data x Internet of Things = What? This round-table discussion is part of a series of South West Digital Forum events. Devon and Cornwall have a growing number of successful businesses operating in the technology and digital sector, whether e-commerce, software or digital media.

19 March 15: UKTI big data event, Paris
A UK Trade and Industry event bringing together French and UK businesses to identify new opportunities in the big data space. Coelition chaired an afternoon discussion group on big data governance.

12 March 15: Digitalhealth
A sector to watch – interview.

10 March 15: Wearables 2015, London
An exhibition dedicated to wearables with hosted panel discussions including medical applications.

26 Febuary 15: BASES, Coventry
Introduction and training on the latest accelerometer tools & techniques.

18 Febuary 15: MakeSouthWest, Exeter
MakeSouthWest launched the year at the RSA Connect event at Exeter library. This was a chance for interested RSA fellows to see the Exeter Fab Lab and hear about other projects in the area.


17 December 14: Coelition open drop in workshop, RSA London
Coelition’s annual members meeting with a lunchtime session open to RSA Fellows and invitees.

1 December 14: Monocle Forecast magazine interview
Article covering the future of healthcare containing interview from Medica.

24 November 14: Sportsdata & Performance, Berlin
Conference for team managers & coaches. My presentation looked at the role of wearables in sports performance.

7 November 14: The Bottom Line, BBC Radio 4
Evan Davis discusses how fitness bands that measure how far you walk and how deeply you sleep could transform our healthcare. Alongside Andy Griffiths of Samsung and Asha Peta Thompson of Intelligent Textiles.

23 September 14: Art of the Algorithm, London
A panel discussion on the commercial opportunities in big data that closed Signal Noise‘s excellent exhibition for Design Week.

16 September 14: EARL – behavioural data analysis, London
A presentation on the analysis techniques used for the analysis of raw wrist-worn accelerometers.

16 July 14: Open digital frameworks for behavioural research, University of Cambridge
An introduction to the Coelition framework.

11 April 14: ICPAPH, Rio de Janeiro
5th International Congress on Physical Activity and Public Health highlighting major contributions in the world of physical activity and public health.

1 April 14: Rackspace – The Human Cloud at Work
Report on study conducted with Chris Brauer of Goldsmiths into the potential role of wearables in the workspace.

23 March 14: Advertising week, London
A ‘Huddle’ focused on the future of digital advertising on mobile computing.

Awards & Patents


Queen’s Award for Enterprise, 2018 Activinsights

D&AD and DBA design awards for Aqualisa Quartz


GB2390143 (A) – Instantaneous water heater housing
GB2371634 (A) – Mixing valve control apparatus
GB2390140 (A) – Instantaneous water heater
GB2390139 (A) – Instantaneous water heater flow regulation
GB2390133 (A) – Instantaneous water heater can
WO2008110763 (A1) – WET TYPE AIR CLEANER
WO2009109763 (A1) – AN AIR CLEANER
GB2467539 (A) – Cuff link