Activinsights provides health professionals with insight about patient behaviours and daily activities. We build lifestyle reports with data from wearables, apps and connected devices. These reports are objective and non-judgemental. They provide invaluable information for patients and professionals to work together when planning effective interventions.

Activinsights has a unique heritage through our support of health researchers and sports scientists with measurement equipment. This experience has built our knowledge base, validated our products and developed new data analysis approaches. We use rigorous open protocols to manage sensitive behavioural information giving security and transparency to all our data subjects.

The global challenges of heart disease, respiratory diseases, obesity, diabetes and ageing populations are pushing all countries to develop new models of healthcare provision. Lifestyle has a predominant impact across all these areas and is critical to any preventative healthcare strategy.

Activinsights gives medical practitioners, researchers and healthcare providers the tools to measure lifestyle accurately. This objective measurement supports diagnosis, recovery, lifestyle management and behaviour change programmes.

Activinsights will be the global, trusted source of behavioural insight for healthcare providers who wish to develop innovative services to improve quality of life and individual performance. We will use our experience of wearables and responsible data handling to build new partnerships in all key markets. Activinsights will continue to invest in new measurement systems and create dedicated offerings for different healthcare sectors.


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