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A playful and accessible picture story for older children about numbers.


Enchanting our children with the simple charms of numbers is both challenging and rewarding. It boosts general numeracy and confidence with numbers, while developing the engineers and scientists of the future.

“Maths is highly creative, but the full wonder of numbers can be difficult to convey in a formal syllabus. This simple and engaging narrative shows how, using just our imagination, we can discover endless possibilities in maths.”

Emily’s Numbers is a story about a girl who learns to express her creativity through counting. Her journey explores the deep patterns of everyday numbers and why the primes occur as they do. The core narrative of Emily’s Numbers visualises the abstract concepts of addition, multiplication, fractions and prime numbers. The notes for able learners describe the language of maths and hint at the curiosities of infinity, symmetry, sets and the twin prime conjecture.

Joss Langford is an author, engineer and scientist. The creation of Emily’s Numbers become part of his treatment for throat cancer after being diagnosed in 2017 and 30% of the publisher’s proceeds will be donated to a cancer treatment charity.

Get in touch with Arch Interface, the publisher of Emily’s Numbers, today to secure a copy for review or discuss any aspect of promotion and distribution. Cover images, illustrations from the book and author photographs are all available on request. The author is also available for interview.

Emily’s Numbers, RRP £9.99, 32 pages, ISBN 978-1999947507. Available now from Amazon, other online stores and through your local bookshop.

Full press release available here.

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